How one conversation can amp up the excitement and creativity in your life

My job is definitely a “job,” not my passion. I’m okay with that for now, but how can I infuse more creativity into my life until I have it in my work?

Woo-hoo! I love where your head is on this question. So often we get hung up trying to tweak our life’s work when it’s just not reasonable. Not everybody can be Po Bronson. When your current job allows for your two kids to be happy, well fed and have health insurance, walking away to pursue a dream of being a professional astrologer or tightrope walker is just not the most practical approach to living.

I like this question, too, because it resonates with an experience I had about eight years ago when I joined the my clinical psychology practice. Three days after I started, one of the more senior colleagues told me that he would never hire anybody who didn’t back into a parking space because it meant they didn’t have a life after work: “They’ve got nowhere to go, no need to tear out of the parking lot at the end of the day, not passionate about anything beyond work.” I’ve backed into my spot every day since, if for nothing but the sake of preserving my image of being an interesting, curious, socially involved man who has tons to do after work. (And according to my therapist, who wishes I talked as much about my personal life as I do about my professional life, pulling in hood-first might better represent my life after work.)

Everyone I know has tried to add zest to their life by painting their bedroom, moving their desk by a window, or replacing latte with tea. And nothing they do works long-term.

The conversation that can change everything

So what I’m going to ask you to do is to have one radically simple conversation. It’s a conversation that might cost me and my colleagues a few bucks, but I love you and want to expedite your journey.

Okay, you ready?

Good living is all about location, location, location—so call your favorite REALTOR®! A realtor knows the ins-and-outs of all zip codes like a sorority chick knows the calories in a salad dressing.

Ask your favorite house-hunting pro where the most artsy people in town live and if you can’t move there, then at least go hang out there. Instant inspiration!

Ask him where the hippest tech-types convene and if this is how you roll, then go huddle there. Instant community!

Ask her where the most active neighborhood gardening community is and if sharing food you grow yourself is your thing, go dig in the dirt with those folks. Instant bounty!

Infusing more creativity into your life (or just adding more flavor to your life in general) will most likely happen when you put yourself in the places where these things are most likely to occur. And as an added bonus, bringing in new people or new things that make you come alive will have an amazing effect on your work performance. No more procrastination: You’ve got to get stuff done so you can go do the things you love.

Here’s your homework

Stop now and write down three people, places or things that will help birth your universal best (this is even greater than your personal best). Call your realtor and ask her where she thinks these things are to be found in your hometown.

Walk the talk

Be passionate about visiting and revisiting these new zip codes. The more you visit or practice, the more profoundly this territory is marked out in your brain. Know that your brain doesn’t forget the old zip codes just because you changed your location. Old zip codes and old ways can still be activated. In other words, you really have to be on your game not to regress to your old dispassionate ways of existing.

If you do find yourself activating the old zip codes and skipping out on your ceramics class, missing your coffee chats with your new app-building buddy or even standing up the 9-year-old who you’re helping plant strawberries, you need to talk to somebody about your potential chronic addiction to dissatisfaction. I said it. Yes, I did. And I mean it. You can’t blame your boss or lack of professional credentials on your unsustained pursuit of passion. You get to call the shots on this one.

Ready to amp things up in your life? I’d love to be a GPS for you. Just get in touch to make an appointment!

Be peace, be love,

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Bob Pate February 28, 2012 at 2:39 am

Great post!! Can not wait to get Amy to read it. Now onto planning my garden!!!!


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